How to Get a Job Through an Online Website

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.04.42 AMEverything today is about internet and technology. Whenever people want to buy something, they check out the reviews first; when people want to sell something, they advertise online; making friends is also easier through the social media platforms and all the possibilities that they offer.

Because of this, looking for and finding a job has also moved to the online environment – you don’t have to send your resume through mail, but you can use the e-mail to do so; you don’t have to go with your resume in hand from door to door, but you can apply directly online.

This being said, let’s see how you can find a job through the websites that are promoting them.


When you think about changing jobs or finding a job for you, the best choice is represented by those websites who are specialized on job openings. Try looking for the national ones and you’ll see that they are organized in cities or regions.

It’s easy to select just a few of them, and make sure you check out the reviews for them – you’ll see if they are something that people follow or not.


To get it started, you will need an account. The username and password that you provide will be linked to your professional e-mail. We said “professional” because your e-mail that is listed here needs to be made out of your name and one or two numeric characters. You can’t use an email that has funny names in it or nicknames – you’ll want to look professional and to make a good first impression.

Hire-Me1No matter what website you choose, the account will take just a few minutes to set up.


Once you’ve made the account, it’s time to create your resume. As you certainly know, you will have to fill in every available space and mention every detail that matters – how old you are, your full name, city of residence, if you have a driver license, what schools have you attended, if you have finished a university, what courses have you taken apart from college and so on.

Everything matters, so if you’ve specialized in something like web-design or working with Auto-CAD, you’ll have to say it. Of course, you’ll also have to back up these things – for example, if an employer decides to test you, you need to pass that test.

When you write your resume, make sure you follow the rules – there are plenty of tutorials that teach you how to write a perfect resume so that you can get picked up by employers.

Fields of Interest

The resume will have an area where you will have to say what your fields of interest are – if you want to change the domains, if you want to keep the domain you currently work in and so on. All these will help the website return you the best offers for job openings and also to notify you through e-mails.

graduate-employmentThere are plenty of areas that you could be interested in, so choose anything that you’d like but also what you are good at.


Once you’ve finished all these, it’s time to start browsing the job openings. Employers advertise the job openings that they have, so you’ll have to select your areas of interest and check out what is given as a result. You usually don’t have limits for applying, so you can apply to anything that catches your interest.

When you do apply, make sure you also include a letter of intention – it’s the first thing that the employers will see when they open up your request.