On-Page SEO Fundamentals are Critical To Success

Getting your website ranked for your targeted keyword can get you loads of traffic, but to make SEO work for your site, you first have to focus on getting the basics right. If you ignore doing simple things on your web page and get the on page SEO working in your favor, then it’s obvious that the results will suffer. How well you can integrate SEO into each page of your site will make it a force to contend with in the search engine wars. This process has to be done one step at a time, and when you are learning you have to take it the same way. What follows now is not all there is to the on-page SEO strategy, but it is a solid step in the right direction.

First and foremost, look at your domain name and be sure it has your desired keyword in it because otherwise you should go get a domain name that has your keyword in it. It is important that the name does not become too cumbersome, so you will have to find a balance. Just do the best you can, but be sure you make a good effort to find something that will work out well for you. Some people will use extra words, but that can be tricky and will not always work out. Try to include site maps on every page of your site because, basically, you want to assist Google in crawling your site in the best possible way. You can place it in the footer, or a link to it, and that will make sure it is there on each page. This is all about helping out Google so they can get around your site and figure out what is going on. Nevertheless, the importance of site maps cannot be underestimated.

If you have never done anything with alt tags, for graphics and pics, then you have to get up to speed with this. This is in the page code, so that will be how it is accessible to search engine spiders.

More is not better when it comes to optimizing, so just place one instance of each keyword where you can. There are people that totally ignore images, but that’s a mistake that you shouldn’t make. 

If you skip these on-page SEO factors, then you will lose out on the best results you can get. While nothing is hard to understand, many people find lots of reasons why they prefer to avoid it. If you can be patient and persevere in your efforts, then welcome to the world of free, targeted traffic for life. Apply the on page SEO techniques that we discussed here, and aim at getting top rankings for your targeted keyword.